Well, hello there!

Welcome, welcome, one and all to the inaugurual launch of what must be a very hot, sulphurous place freezing over – I’ve actually got off my rear end and put together an actual website! I know, crazy, right? The basic site infrastructure is here: all the ‘About’ / ‘Contact’ / ‘Cosmos’ and so forth buttons up the top work, and go to pages with stuff on them that you can look at (shock horror!); and once I’ve worked out the mechanics of it all, I’m going to start posting up my nifty little comic strip Cosmos. Woo hoo! Hopefully this will be at the rate of one strip per day, every day (unless there’s some other freakin’ cool thing I want to share with you; which is also likely); until you all get sick of it and beg me to stop. At any rate, there will actually be stuff of some sort going up on this page from now on, whether it be illustrations, freelancing projects I’m doing, books I think you should read, or other random musings on the incredibly relevant topics that the world must know about! So stay tuned: things are about to get weird….

Jon Kay banner-01


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