Take a spoon of Fight Squad once per week….

In an effort to get a bit of cross-promotion (and cross-traffic) between my various interweb haunts, I thought I’d start doubling up the content I contribute to the superhero-tastic Fight Squad project ( www.facebook.com/angeristhebestsource ) on my website – from now on, any time I put something new up on that page – once a week, generally – I’ll also showcase it here! After all, if it intrigues you enough to send you to the Book of Face to check out everything else we’ve done for the project since 2010, then it’s all for the good!

To start the ball rolling, here’s my cover for the in-universe magazine ‘Curmudgeon’, published for (and by) the financial elite on our twisted little version of Earth, whether they be well-off supervillains, corporate bigwigs or just Old Man Montleberg in his fusty Victorian mansion. The glamorous cover model is a fella called Philanthro (a misnomer of a name, if I ever hear one), one of the head honchos at The Directorate, an amoral financial institution that handles all the money troubles of the global supervillain community; and makes sure they’re not running themselves into the ground (never good for business….)

Curmudgeon cover


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