Island of the Bargain Basement Dinosaurs: world-building

I’ve been hard at work on another set of illustrations for my novel, and I’ve just completed two pieces that will definitely be useful to me in future: maps of both Science Island (where the main cast is based for the first half of the novel), and Lab Block 16-E (part of Science Island, where some seriously bad stuff goes down)! These maps have given me a very clear idea of where various scenes on the island take place in relation to one another – vital if I want some proper continuity – and, especially in terms of Lab Block 16-E, how much room (and equipment) I’ve got to play with in specific rooms. I may have to do a bit of rewriting of a few things as well: the central experimental chamber in the lab block is about as big as it needs to be (or can be) for what it does….. but I still need to somehow fit a four-man shuttle into it, wingspan and all! Might have to knock down a couple of walls, methinks…..



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