Cosmos: Old School (1999)- part fourteen

It’s part two of the Cosmos: Old School pre-emptive Christmas celebration! Grab some egg nog, sit down by the fire, try to resist the urge to break into ‘Snoopy’s Christmas’ or ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ (please), and enjoy some more Cosmos festivity!


Top: Gene is all for the latest developments in fad-culture…. especially when it allows him to get out of doing hard work, like decorating a tree by hand…..
Bottom: And he clearly is easily suckered in by the promises of ill-conceived Christmas cuisine. I can just imagine the advertising spiel – ‘Tabasco Sauce candy canes: So Hot Right Now!’ Blehh.


Top: Hey hey! It’s Macy! This is her first appearance since, well, her first appearance; and although I never actually state it anywhere in either of said guest-spots, she and Ax are obviously a couple. That much is obvious, right? Exactly how far into their relationship they are (now or then) I’ve never really specified – they’ve bought a house together, at the very least, and they certainly ACT like an old married couple – but beyond that, who knows? Another perplexing aspect of Macy (for the first few years of Cosmos) is the panel-to-panel inconsistency in her costume: fully equipped, she wore A) a colourful polka-dot bandana, B) a pair of rose-tinted glasses, and – for a while – C) a peace badge, usually upside down for some reason. I think I’d originally envisioned her as a mellow, hippie-type character…. but based on her current bristly personality, I’d say that idea lasted a grand total of five seconds! Although I don’t think she’s ever been without her glasses, both her bandana and badge (what IS it pinned onto?!) had the annoying habit of randomly flickering on and off between one panel and the next – either by themselves or in tandem. Perhaps wisely, I’ve long since left the peace badge in the ‘off’ position, and she’s just stuck with the bandana and glasses.

Bottom: the first mention of the (on Cosmos) legendary discount-king / rip-off artist ‘Big Bob’, who always seems to have a new sure-fire business on tap to fleece gullible Cosmosians of their hard-won dollars. He’s more of a force of nature (or a running gag) than an actual character, and – aside from one occasion – he’s never shown up on-camera to hawk his wares. Just count yourself lucky….


Here’s the colour version of the one of that pair of Christmas cards I actually have, along with some extra bonus festive illustrations I did in conjunction with the cards. And there’s Murph! I hadn’t realised until now that I’d even drawn him again before his next appearance in 2000 – but apparently I did. He’s gained his, er, ‘yellow belly’ by now, as well as some (rather long) whiskers; but not his distinctive belly-stripes / sgementation as yet. Looking at the main card art again, it also strikes me that Artie, Gene and Ax are looking very…. conspiratorial. Almost as if they’re planning something with those presents they’re holding. Look at those sly smirks! And those shifty gazes! I’d better keep my eyes on those three….



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