Cosmos: Old School (2000) – part four

Classifying my sense of humour is a tricky thing, especially if you consider how much its changed (mostly for the better) over the years; as I’ve learned from the past masters of comic strips, and become less apprehensive about just letting rip with whatever demented idea pops into my head on a random Sunday afternoon. Below are some prime examples of my early-2000 period….

Top: another anthropomorphic machine with its own sneaky agenda – hmm, I wonder if it’s from the same company that created Mail-X-Press?
Bottom: an excellent way to generate humour is to take a prosaically-worded statement and perceive it at face value, interpreting it as literally as one can. Sorry, little guy, you just got Jon-ed….

Top: I also do horrible, horrible puns, sometimes without warning. I should
have said that earlier, sorry.
Middle 1 and 2: the Cosmosian Pykus Plant is another one of those native lifeforms that somewhat defy description – is it 100% plant? 50% plant and 50% animal? Whatever it is, it certainly has one epic salivation problem!
Bottom: Yes, that is Gene freaking out his bath water, if it’s not immediately obvious…. You can see his lucky three-diamond sweater hanging on the towel rail on the left. What did he do to get that filthy? Well, see, there was this rabbit…. and Gene wanted it out of his garden….

Above: Quite how anti-coffee works, I’m not sure; possibly some chemical opposite of caffeine that has a sedative rather than a stimulatory effect. Either that, or I’m just making terrible puns again.



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