Cosmos: Old School (2000) – part five

I enjoy making cartoons about Murph – while he does act like a typical feline (egotistical, self-centred, vain and borderline sociopathic), his anthropomorphic nature allows me to blend a whole range of both human-like and cat-like behaviours into his personality; which in turn makes him a very interesting and fun character to write. Being more cunning and creative than a normal (i.e, non-cartoon) animal, his interactions with Gene can be oftentimes rather dramatic:

Above: clearly, like any sane cat, Murph abhors the concept of baths; especially when he is the one who has to take them. Gene’s preparations in the first strip may seem over the top, but an angry Murph is rather unpredictable…..

Above: Murph’s first Sunday strip! Looking at it now, I’ve noticed some rather baffling set continuity issues – Panel one: spotted table cloth, Panel two: checkerboard tablecloth; Panel three: spotted tablecloth;  Panels four thru seven: checkerboard tablecloth / Panel two: checkerboard neckerchief; Panel four: plain neckerchief; Panel five thru seven: no neckerchief at all! 2000 Jon, what the hey?!

Top: Ah, vanity colliding with ill-concieved decision-making…. the building blocks of comedy. Note the cameo appearance of Dr. Nitro in the final panel; he seems to be the default medical professional in Pago Grande.
Bottom: a one-shot sequel to my earlier (1999) ‘Beware of the dog’ strips; and the first Cosmos cartoon I actually had published anywhere (the Auckland University student magazine ‘Craccum’). I seem to have – partly – learned my lesson from the first series: the dog is at least somewhat alien in appearance, with his little antenna-ears and tail. It is still, however, nothing like the Cosmosian ‘dog’ ended up being later on. Oh well….

Above: more golfing humour, and yet another cameo by Dr. Nitro; this time moonlighting as psychiatric specialist. Either the good doctor has a very wide skill set, or Pago Grande is rather short of qualified medical professionals….



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