Cosmos, Old School (2000) – part eight

By this stage of the game – being firmly entrenched at Auckland University, and with assignments of all sorts demanding their fair share of time – Cosmos was primarily being presented in black-and-white, with only the odd Sunday strip making with the CMYK spectrum, when I had the time to break out the coloured pencils. Not that there was anything wrong with the other stuff, of course:

Above: It’s the first appearance of…. Me! Not that you could tell, of course, given my burial beneath the rubble of that dislodged Cosmos logo. Still, this was my continuation of a tradition common to many comic strips over the years: having cartoon versions of the creator/s show up in their own strip, interacting with / being pestered by their characters. I don’t draw myself into proceedings that often, though, because – of course – my ego isn’t THAT huge. There’s Macy’s peace badge back again, but…. What’s with the Angelina Jolie lips?! Freaky.

Top: The best-laid plans of Gene…. 10/10 for originality, 1/10 for execution, old chap.
Bottom: Want to smell like an old-school newspaper comic strip section, or a silver age comic book? Ax Maxwell, chemist extraordinaire has you covered. No idea how many bottles of the stuff he sold, but I imagine his profit margins would have been…. considerable.

Top: Ironically, Cosmos is probably 900% more eco-friendly than Earth is, and likely wouldn’t even HAVE any ozone hole problems, but…. oh well. I wanted to do social commentary, I guess.
Bottom: The Big Bob corporate empire returns! It’s scary to wonder just how many fingers he has in how many pies, given that he seems to have a portfolio for just about every conceivable consumer business out there….

Top: Wow, Gene doesn’t even have to say anything to be hilarious – here’s one facet of comic strip physics on display….
Bottom: And here is another! This is certainly a…. creative solution to extorting movie tickets out of your parents, I have to say. One has to wonder exactly what cartoon characters are made out of  to allow their anatomy to be dismantled / altered / mangled / rearranged in such a fashion – bring on my next masters thesis!



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