Cosmos: Old School (2000) – part eleven

Some of my more successful comics come from my playing around with the ‘rules’ of comic strips, and cartoon physics in general, either finding a new way to exploit a hoary old cliche or totally subverting it in that specially-twisted way that I frequently do. The following strips are prime examples of this practice, with all manner of well-left-of-centre results coming from them….

Top: This one came from me pondering “What would happen if thought / speech
bubbles were tangible objects? What would happen if two of them collided?”
Well, ask a silly question….
Bottom: cartoon characters also have all sorts of interactions with the boxes that
form the ‘boundaries’ of a comic strip panel – running into them, jumping between
them, hanging from them…. or, as shown here, shaking them apart by
stomping around in the scene too hard!

Above: I have no idea where this story came from (and I’m not sure I want to,
given its utter bizarrity) but I’m glad I managed to sculpt it into shape – it is,
I guess, a statement on the desperate ‘improvements’ that TV show executives
come up with to bring in / win back viewers; whether they even make one
ounce of sense, or actually make the show better…..

Above: Gene’s war on Trek continues, as he makes use of his complete and utter
contempt for the concept of ‘limits’ …. for Evil! For shame, Mr. Ellis, for shame.

Top: The idea for this comic came to me, believe it or not, at 5AM in the morning,
when I was groggy, half asleep and possibly delusional – which tells you rather
a lot, doesn’t it? I hastily transcribed the dialogue exactly as it popped into my head
at the time, and steadfastly refused to tweak it in any way…. because frankly,
you don’t look that sort of gift horse in the mouth.
Bottom: Another play on the supposed mechanics of comic strips – was the situation you come across in the first panel already in progress before you got there, or does it suddenly start then and there, regardless of the logical disconnect that may result later on? I think we can answer that here….



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