Cosmos: Old School (2001) – part fifteen

First, I showed you the ‘Officially-licensed Cosmos board game’ (2000, Part Nineteen)…. so now it’s time for its partner-in-crime: the Cosmos 2001 calendar! Although created – by obvious necessity – in late 2000, the mere fact that it was intended for use in the following year means I can present it now and still have it be relevant!


Oh, fine, be that way, then….

Things to note on the front cover: a Cosmosian critter peeking out from behind the logo; another rare cameo by Dr. Nitro; Gene’s ludicrously-oversized feet – and whatever it is that’s going on with Professor Pod’s arms; the fact that Murph has no stripes on his belly; and the rather anomalous presence of stripes on Co-pilot’s nose (which were originally part of his design when I first drew him, but soon after were removed because they were A) distracting and B) utterly ridiculous.)

Inside cover
It’s the inside front cover, featuring a very nice illustration of Tork from Explorers Inc. – although my reasoning for putting name / address / phone / fax in the box on the left escapes me…. Given that I’ve never seen a calendar with that sort of information on it before…

Title page
The main title page (which calendars do actually have – I checked), with another potential contender for my ‘Top 10 list of really good Cosmos strips’.

Back cover
Do licensed comic strip calendars usually have laudatory pull-quotes about the comic they’re merchandising? I have no idea, but apparently in my reality they do – so there we go.

Unlike Cosmos Cosmonopoly, there are actually two copies of my calendar in existence – the original, in my possession, and a minty-fresh copied-and-stapled version, which I gave to my friend Jeremy for Christmas. Trust me, he gets ALL the good stuff. Based on other licensed calendars of the same ilk, I structured my effort around the ‘something old, something new’ ethos: each monthly spread incorporated a large piece of Cosmos
art in the top half, and (accompanying the all-important calendar-y stuff in the bottom half) a randomly-chosen four-panel strip. Six out of the twelve months featured a reprinted Sunday strip from 1999 / 2000:

Calendar pages
While the others were graced with an all-new A4 sized Cosmos scene:

1) Valentine’s day at Ax and Macy’s house

2) Explorers inc. adventuring in the Martarran highlands

3) Artie and Gene comic shopping at GrandeCon

4) The Cosmos gang at the beach

5) Cross-temporal confusion in Cosmos Trek

6) Christmas morning at Gene’s house

Being a pretty labour-intensive project – especially since I didn’t have the slightest comprehension of Adobe InDesign at that point, and did everything by hand – this calendar was a one-of-a-kind experiment in creative design which (thus far) has not been repeated. Still, there’s nothing stopping me from reviving the idea….



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