From the archives: Operation – Photography!

Back in my first year at Yoobee Design school, we were tasked with a photography assignment wherein we had to take a series of photos, subject matter of our choice, that demonstrated one or more visual principles (symmetry, perspective, proximity, contrast, texture etc.); and then present them to the class. Well, me being me, I couldn’t simply take a bunch of random photos: nope, I was going to craft a little story out of them, with a cast of characters; and focus my attentions on a particular location – the rocky volcanic foreshore of Takapuna Beach. With a bit of imagination, the hummocky basaltic terrain became the surface of an alien planet being explored by a group of four specially-selected Transformers action figures, appropriately dubbed ‘Team Crimson’. Coming across it the other day, I remembered how fun it was to both photograph and write (and how hard people were laughing when I presented it); so I thought I might share it with you lovely folks as well….

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