The Cosmos Crossover Crisis, part two!

As shown in my previous blog, Cosmos has taken to the abundance of crossover opportunities on the webcomics site Comic Fury with a will; especially since the practice is not only encouraged, but is deliberately organised as a site-wide social activity! While the first Crossover Exchange I contributed to was centred around Valentine’s Day, the second coincided with the Northern Hemisphere summer – meaning we had to include picnics, ice creams, board-shorts, beach volleyball or any of the other paraphernalia associated with that time of year! And the series I had to crossover with this time around was the real world-inspired superhero series We are the Wyrecats, by one Neil Kapit; which you can read here:

Although I snapped up my series-out-of-a-hat without a single complaint, I was at first a bit stuck as to what to do with it. Cosmos is a fun, light-hearted cartoony romp; whereas Wyrecats is pretty grim and gritty (even the rose-tinted flashback sequences have a bitter edge) – how to meld them together in one seamless whole? But then it hit me: the Wyrecats supersuits would make pretty awesome action figures, and kids sometimes take their toys to the beach, so….

Crossover crisis 2

Seeing how the A-team cast (and their supporting cast entourage) were all over the Curse Quest crossover, I thought it was only fair that Peter, Timmy and the B-teamers headlined this one – since I could definitely see them both buying and playing with Wyrecats action figures, given the chance. The crossover went down a treat on the Exchange page as well, with people commenting that it was a very clever and creative way to combine the combine the two universes. Can’t argue with compliments like that, now can I?


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