What ho, chaps and chapettes! Jon Kay, here – am a graduate of ACG Yoobee School of Design, with diplomas in graphic design and film making; based in Auckland, New Zealand! As a freelance designer and illustrator, I have created print and digital content for clients such as Auckland International College, the ukulele band Four Dollars Thirty, and Auckland International College! Here’s what I do: research and concept design, Illustration and cartooning, logo and Type design, Layouts, Pre-press; Copy writing, Script writing, storyboarding; character design, background design, prop design, vector art, character
animation using the DUiK plug-in on AfterEffects, and animated GiF creation – rather a lot, huh? I also contribute to the superhero-tastic Fight Squad project, work on my funky li’l comic strip Cosmos, and make various attempts to get my Sci-fi / humour novel, Island of the Bargain Basement Dinosaurs illustrated and into print. Phew. To see more of my stuff, head to:


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