Adventure Pack promo poster concepts

29) Bonus contentToward the tail end of the Explorers Inc. project, I came up with an If-I-Have-Time bonus idea: a poster that, if the Adventure Pack actually existed, could be hung in bookshops to advertise the arrival of said product on the shelves. I did a range of concepts, and decided on a final potential design; but with one thing and another, the Adventure Pack itself remained the top priority and I never did a finshed version. Nevertheless, I now have the opportunity – and the perfect forum! – to present the concepts as part of this segment! ‘Cause everyone loves concept designs, right?


Membership Certificate 1

26) Certificate conceptThe second-to-final component of the Adventure Pack was an official ‘Membership Certificate’, to initiate the owner of the pack into the group! Here’s the final concept sketch….

Critter Cards 1

24) Card conceptsTo enhance the collectability aspect of the Adventure Pack, I decided to create a set of ‘Cosmos Critter Cards’ – featuring creatures that either featured in the story or existed in the same environment detailed in the story. And you know what that means…. more lovely concepts for me to draw!

Adventure Pack box 1

22) Box designNow that the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ book is complete, we need something to put it in – and thus we find ourselves some concepts for the Adventure Pack box!

Adventure Pack book concepts 2

4) Book concepts 2Crafting concepts for this project was so much fun, it was rather hard to know when to stop! Thankfully I did, though, because I’m sure I’d want to subject you to 953 pages of self-indulgent sketches…..

The DVD Project 3

DVD concepts 3The final part of my concept design involved all the stuff that would go inside the DVD box – namely, the DVD labels and the episode guide booklet! I was now ready to create the finished product….

The DVD project 2

DVD concepts 2Once I had a basic idea of what I might want to do for my DVD set, it was time to get into it and figure out how the freakin’ thing had to go together – not just in terms of the layout and design, but how I was going to put together a print out n’ fold up packaging template!

The DVD Project 1

DVD concepts 12012 was certainly a big year for Cosmos-related projects at Yoobee Design School – because when a DVD design assignment came along, I was quick to nominate ‘Cosmos: The Animated Series’ as the go-to TV show to base my designs around! And I mean ‘Go-to TV series’ in the context of ‘something I would reeeeeeally like to exist, but at this point in time unfortunately doesn’t’. Ah well. First up came some brainstorming and initial concept design, as I figured out how everything was going to work….

Island of the Bargain Basement Dinosaurs: world-building

I’ve been hard at work on another set of illustrations for my novel, and I’ve just completed two pieces that will definitely be useful to me in future: maps of both Science Island (where the main cast is based for the first half of the novel), and Lab Block 16-E (part of Science Island, where some seriously bad stuff goes down)! These maps have given me a very clear idea of where various scenes on the island take place in relation to one another – vital if I want some proper continuity – and, especially in terms of Lab Block 16-E, how much room (and equipment) I’ve got to play with in specific rooms. I may have to do a bit of rewriting of a few things as well: the central experimental chamber in the lab block is about as big as it needs to be (or can be) for what it does….. but I still need to somehow fit a four-man shuttle into it, wingspan and all! Might have to knock down a couple of walls, methinks…..