Cartooning for a cause, Stage 3!

Explorers stage 3Pencils? Check! Inks? Double-check! Colours and all the assorted bells and whistles? Well, see for yourself….


Cartooning for a cause, stage two!

Explorers stage 2First came the pencil art, now arriveth the inks – stage two of my charity art contribution for the ‘Colour Our Story’ auction project (see yesterday’s post for further details) involved going over aaaaaaaaall those itty-bitty pencil details with even more equally itty-bitty ink lines; all ready for it to be scanned and colourised! Want to see that? You”l just have to wait for tomorrow, sorry….

Cartooning for a cause, Stage 1

Explorers stage 1A little while ago,  I signed on for a creative-people’s charity auction with a group called ‘Colour Our Future’, who were looking for paintings / sculptures / illustrations / everything else that could be sold off (via Trademe) to raise funds for their international good works. My contribution will be a full-colour, hand-drawn Cosmos poster featuring the awesome adventurers at Explorers Inc. – so for the next few installments, I’m going to showcase its evolution! Thus we find stage one: pencil art!

Find out more about the charity and the auction at:

Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack poster

Adventure pack poster.inddBack to our regularly-scheduled progamming, with the continuation of our look at the Adventure Pack – the final component in the Adventure Pack itself was this; a funky poster for budding explorers to hang up on their walls!

Adventure Pack box 2

Adventure pack box dustjacket.inddIf there’s one thing the Adventure Pack needed, it was some effective and eye-catching packaging – and this is it! The symbol in the centre of the front panel is the mounting point for a genuine, working compass (an essential piece of kit for any aspiring explorer), which projects through a hole cut in the middle of the symbol; which was probably the most nerve-wracking circle I’ve ever had to cut out in my life, given that it had to be absolutely, totally perfect….