Explorers Inc. travelogue 4

33) Explorers album 4One more for the road – the finale of the Explorers Inc. trip journal is upon us, so pack your rucksack and prepare to move out!


Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack poster

Adventure pack poster.inddBack to our regularly-scheduled progamming, with the continuation of our look at the Adventure Pack – the final component in the Adventure Pack itself was this; a funky poster for budding explorers to hang up on their walls!

Adventure Pack box 2

Adventure pack box dustjacket.inddIf there’s one thing the Adventure Pack needed, it was some effective and eye-catching packaging – and this is it! The symbol in the centre of the front panel is the mounting point for a genuine, working compass (an essential piece of kit for any aspiring explorer), which projects through a hole cut in the middle of the symbol; which was probably the most nerve-wracking circle I’ve ever had to cut out in my life, given that it had to be absolutely, totally perfect….

Rainforest, Ho! 16

20) Explorers Inc spreads16Get your bucket and spade and beach blanket ready…. ’cause we’ve reached the coast! And, incidentally, the end of our journey….

Rainforest, Ho! 15

19) Explorers Inc spreads15Based on some of the wonderful diagrams I saw in science-and-nature books when I was a kid, welcome to the second most time-consuming-but-fun spread in the story!

Rainforest, Ho! 14

18) Explorers Inc spreads14Everyone hop in your canoes, kayaks and inflatable rubber rafts…. ’cause we’re going on a river expedition! And no, if you get eaten by a giant fish monster or swept down the rapids, it’s not our fault – you remember all those forms you had to sign, right? The ones with the reeeeeeally samll fine print? Heh heh….