Adventure Pack book concepts 1

3) Book concepts 1Designing the core component of the Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack – namely, the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ storybook – was a whole bunch a’ fun; not only because I got to research and write a story somewhat on the fly, but also because I got to draw up lots n’ lots of nifty page layouts….

The Explorers Inc. logo!

2) logo conceptsThe first thing I figured out for my Explorers Inc. project was the logo, since it had to go on pretty much everything – my main criteria were that it had to A) have a retro-vintage, somewhat Victorian look, B) evoke a feeling of voyaging and discovery (hence the compass, and the arrows hidden in the ‘E’), and C) be visually distinctive. By the looks of things, I definitely met the brief on that one….

The Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack!

1) Explorers displayAt the end of our first year of design school (2012), we were given the opportunity to go absolutely nuts for our final assignment – and thus was conceived the Explorers inc. Adventure Pack, an ambitious project combining packaging design, book design, illustration and a healthy dose of science and discovery; all headed by the efferevescent adventurers of Explorers Inc.! Want to see how it all came about? Stay tuned….

Character design, part one

Characterart finalBack in 2012, while at Yoobee Design School, I entered this funky Cosmos character model sheet in a character design contest – and Gene and I scored ourselves second prize for our efforts! Sweet! We knew there was a prize of *some sort* in our futures, but we figured it would be, oh, a book voucher or something. Little di we know….

The DVD project 11

8) Booklet spread 3

We’ve reached the end of the road, ’cause it’s the final installment of the Cosmos DVD set expose! All the ‘episodes’ on Discs 1 thru 3 are based around a somewhat chronologically-arranged list of the best stories from both my Old-School and New-School comic strips; which I would find fantastic to be adapted into animation form!

The DVD project 10

7) Booklet spread 2The Cosmos episode guide continues, with the second half of the character roster, and the ‘contents’ (I wish) of Disc one!

The DVD project 8

5) DVD booklet coversJust what every good DVD set needs – a fully-illustrated episode guide to tell you what you’re going to see! Here are the front and back covers, for starters….

The DVD project 7

4) DVD labelsIt took quite a bit of creative fiddling in the concept design phase to come up with a DVD label design that wasn’t just ‘two characters either side of the hole in the middle and the logo above’ as you see most other places – but once I hit on this nifty checkerboard look, I knew I had a winner! Eat that, generic character art!

The DVD project 6

3) DVD comicRemember the very first Cosmos comic I ever posted up on this site? Well, it was the special pack-in comic from the Cosmos DVD set! Since there was no point putting it in again, I thought I’d do a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ action with it – and clarify just who the snap all those characters are in that second panel!