The twelve (non-consecutive) days of Christmas 4


Merry Christmas 3

Jenny’s breakin’ out the festive glitter-sparkles – it must be Christmas!



The Cosmos Crossover Crisis, part five!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love crossovers. Comic Fury recently completed another of its fantastic multi-participant crossover exchanges, in which – as usual – I took part. Being October, the exchange was centred around Halloween, with the added theme-bonus of ‘Old movies’. We could interpret this in any way we wanted: our characters could be watching a cheesy horror or sci-fi movie, acting in a recreation of said movie, having monsters, ghosts and ghoulies run amok through their world, go trick or treating as classic movie icons…. Whatever. This time around, Cosmos got to cross over with the brilliant fantasy saga Serpents of Old, crafted by an enthusiastic lady from California who posts under the name of ‘HeSerpenty’:

Clicked on the link yet? Well, you better have.

I will admit, when I first got the assignment, I was utterly stumped as to what story to do. How on Earth was I to link the faux-meideval world of Serpents with the sci-fi-ish contemporaneity of Cosmos; let alone have the characters interact through some sort of a movie theme? But then the lightbulb moment dawned: “Hang on…. the SoO cast are all serpent-creatures in human form…. and the main character can still revert to serpent form…. and if I stuck him on a film set and had him stomp on cardboard buildings….”

Sadly, the story pretty much wrote itself from there:

SoO crossover 1SoO crossover 2SoO crossover 3SoO crossover 4

Given that it was a tale-within-a-tale, I gave myself four pages (rather than my usual three) to properly fit everything in…. plus cram in every Japanese monster movie trope and in-joke I could think of. The ‘black-and-white film’ in the movie sequence; the Toho log rip-off, sorry, ‘homage’; the blatantly-visible wires on the fighter jets; the zipper on the Anti-Monster Squad’s secret weapon….

And i must have done something right, because the response to my comic was overwhelmingly positive. Normally, when someone does a multi-page story, people leave an overall comment on the final page only – but with mine, each of the four pages had their own set of comments; left as people read one page, almost died laughing, and raced onto the next. It was a great feeling, I have to say, knowing that I had provided my fellow Comic Furians with such laudable entertainment!

Now I just have to figure out what to do for the Christmas Crossover Exchange….

Cartooning for a cause, stage two!

Explorers stage 2First came the pencil art, now arriveth the inks – stage two of my charity art contribution for the ‘Colour Our Story’ auction project (see yesterday’s post for further details) involved going over aaaaaaaaall those itty-bitty pencil details with even more equally itty-bitty ink lines; all ready for it to be scanned and colourised! Want to see that? You”l just have to wait for tomorrow, sorry….

Cartooning for a cause, Stage 1

Explorers stage 1A little while ago,  I signed on for a creative-people’s charity auction with a group called ‘Colour Our Future’, who were looking for paintings / sculptures / illustrations / everything else that could be sold off (via Trademe) to raise funds for their international good works. My contribution will be a full-colour, hand-drawn Cosmos poster featuring the awesome adventurers at Explorers Inc. – so for the next few installments, I’m going to showcase its evolution! Thus we find stage one: pencil art!

Find out more about the charity and the auction at:

Father’s Day fun!


FD card art flat

The best thing about being an illustrator, I find, is not having to spend money on generic, cookie-cutter greeting xards for special occasions (such as Father’s Day) – since I can create my own stunning works of art instead!


King of the Cosmonsters!


Genezilla cover

A while back, one of the fine folks on Comic Fury asked for contributions of mock comic covers to incorporate into a collection one of their characters was reading – this was my submission. Go, Go, Genezilla!