Adventure Pack promo poster concepts

29) Bonus contentToward the tail end of the Explorers Inc. project, I came up with an If-I-Have-Time bonus idea: a poster that, if the Adventure Pack actually existed, could be hung in bookshops to advertise the arrival of said product on the shelves. I did a range of concepts, and decided on a final potential design; but with one thing and another, the Adventure Pack itself remained the top priority and I never did a finshed version. Nevertheless, I now have the opportunity – and the perfect forum! – to present the concepts as part of this segment! ‘Cause everyone loves concept designs, right?


Membership Certificate 2

Adventure pack membership certificate.inddAnd here’s the finished article! Thankfully, I’d pretty much nailed the design in the concept phase, so there weren’t too many changes to make when working up the end result….

Membership Certificate 1

26) Certificate conceptThe second-to-final component of the Adventure Pack was an official ‘Membership Certificate’, to initiate the owner of the pack into the group! Here’s the final concept sketch….

Rainforest, Ho! 3

7) Explorers Inc spreads3Rather conveniently, I did this piece of artwork on a Mother’s Day card earlier in 2012 – and once the Adventure Pack project came along, I thought ‘Hey! I can use this as the title page in my book!’ So, not being a gift-horse-in-mouth-looker, I did!

Rainforest, Ho! 1

5) Explorers Inc spreadsNow you’ve seen the concepts, it’s time for the final article – Explorers inc’s greatest adventure! To start us off, here’s the cover….

Adventure Pack book concepts 2

4) Book concepts 2Crafting concepts for this project was so much fun, it was rather hard to know when to stop! Thankfully I did, though, because I’m sure I’d want to subject you to 953 pages of self-indulgent sketches…..

Adventure Pack book concepts 1

3) Book concepts 1Designing the core component of the Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack – namely, the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ storybook – was a whole bunch a’ fun; not only because I got to research and write a story somewhat on the fly, but also because I got to draw up lots n’ lots of nifty page layouts….

The Explorers Inc. logo!

2) logo conceptsThe first thing I figured out for my Explorers Inc. project was the logo, since it had to go on pretty much everything – my main criteria were that it had to A) have a retro-vintage, somewhat Victorian look, B) evoke a feeling of voyaging and discovery (hence the compass, and the arrows hidden in the ‘E’), and C) be visually distinctive. By the looks of things, I definitely met the brief on that one….