The twelve (non-consecutive) days of Christmas 4


Merry Christmas 3

Jenny’s breakin’ out the festive glitter-sparkles – it must be Christmas!



Cartooning for a cause, stage two!

Explorers stage 2First came the pencil art, now arriveth the inks – stage two of my charity art contribution for the ‘Colour Our Story’ auction project (see yesterday’s post for further details) involved going over aaaaaaaaall those itty-bitty pencil details with even more equally itty-bitty ink lines; all ready for it to be scanned and colourised! Want to see that? You”l just have to wait for tomorrow, sorry….

Cartooning for a cause, Stage 1

Explorers stage 1A little while ago,  I signed on for a creative-people’s charity auction with a group called ‘Colour Our Future’, who were looking for paintings / sculptures / illustrations / everything else that could be sold off (via Trademe) to raise funds for their international good works. My contribution will be a full-colour, hand-drawn Cosmos poster featuring the awesome adventurers at Explorers Inc. – so for the next few installments, I’m going to showcase its evolution! Thus we find stage one: pencil art!

Find out more about the charity and the auction at:

Adventure Pack promo poster concepts

29) Bonus contentToward the tail end of the Explorers Inc. project, I came up with an If-I-Have-Time bonus idea: a poster that, if the Adventure Pack actually existed, could be hung in bookshops to advertise the arrival of said product on the shelves. I did a range of concepts, and decided on a final potential design; but with one thing and another, the Adventure Pack itself remained the top priority and I never did a finshed version. Nevertheless, I now have the opportunity – and the perfect forum! – to present the concepts as part of this segment! ‘Cause everyone loves concept designs, right?

Membership Certificate 2

Adventure pack membership certificate.inddAnd here’s the finished article! Thankfully, I’d pretty much nailed the design in the concept phase, so there weren’t too many changes to make when working up the end result….