Adventure Pack box 2

Adventure pack box dustjacket.inddIf there’s one thing the Adventure Pack needed, it was some effective and eye-catching packaging – and this is it! The symbol in the centre of the front panel is the mounting point for a genuine, working compass (an essential piece of kit for any aspiring explorer), which projects through a hole cut in the middle of the symbol; which was probably the most nerve-wracking circle I’ve ever had to cut out in my life, given that it had to be absolutely, totally perfect….


Adventure Pack box 1

22) Box designNow that the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ book is complete, we need something to put it in – and thus we find ourselves some concepts for the Adventure Pack box!

The DVD project 2

DVD concepts 2Once I had a basic idea of what I might want to do for my DVD set, it was time to get into it and figure out how the freakin’ thing had to go together – not just in terms of the layout and design, but how I was going to put together a print out n’ fold up packaging template!