Critter Cards 1

24) Card conceptsTo enhance the collectability aspect of the Adventure Pack, I decided to create a set of ‘Cosmos Critter Cards’ – featuring creatures that either featured in the story or existed in the same environment detailed in the story. And you know what that means…. more lovely concepts for me to draw!

Adventure Pack box 1

22) Box designNow that the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ book is complete, we need something to put it in – and thus we find ourselves some concepts for the Adventure Pack box!

Rainforest, Ho! 16

20) Explorers Inc spreads16Get your bucket and spade and beach blanket ready…. ’cause we’ve reached the coast! And, incidentally, the end of our journey….

Rainforest, Ho! 15

19) Explorers Inc spreads15Based on some of the wonderful diagrams I saw in science-and-nature books when I was a kid, welcome to the second most time-consuming-but-fun spread in the story!

Rainforest, Ho! 14

18) Explorers Inc spreads14Everyone hop in your canoes, kayaks and inflatable rubber rafts…. ’cause we’re going on a river expedition! And no, if you get eaten by a giant fish monster or swept down the rapids, it’s not our fault – you remember all those forms you had to sign, right? The ones with the reeeeeeally samll fine print? Heh heh….

Rainforest, Ho! 13

17) Explorers Inc spreads13This was probably one of the most time-consming (but enjoyable) spreads to create for the whole book, given that it is 99% artwork and contains an epic amount of detail – but it was worth it. and look at all the nifty critters!

Rainforest, Ho! 12

16) Explorers Inc spreads12Here’s where being a science nerd at Uni pays off – being able to do funky diagrams like this one! Get educationed up, people!

Rainforest, ho! 11

15) Explorers Inc spreads11Safely down at ground level, Explorers Inc. continues its epic voyage across the forest floor – bet Co-pilot and Tork are happy about that, huh?