Explorers Inc. travelogue 4

33) Explorers album 4One more for the road – the finale of the Explorers Inc. trip journal is upon us, so pack your rucksack and prepare to move out!


Explorers Inc. Adventure Pack poster

Adventure pack poster.inddBack to our regularly-scheduled progamming, with the continuation of our look at the Adventure Pack – the final component in the Adventure Pack itself was this; a funky poster for budding explorers to hang up on their walls!

Membership Certificate 2

Adventure pack membership certificate.inddAnd here’s the finished article! Thankfully, I’d pretty much nailed the design in the concept phase, so there weren’t too many changes to make when working up the end result….

Membership Certificate 1

26) Certificate conceptThe second-to-final component of the Adventure Pack was an official ‘Membership Certificate’, to initiate the owner of the pack into the group! Here’s the final concept sketch….

Critter Cards 1

24) Card conceptsTo enhance the collectability aspect of the Adventure Pack, I decided to create a set of ‘Cosmos Critter Cards’ – featuring creatures that either featured in the story or existed in the same environment detailed in the story. And you know what that means…. more lovely concepts for me to draw!

Adventure Pack box 1

22) Box designNow that the ‘Rainforest, Ho!’ book is complete, we need something to put it in – and thus we find ourselves some concepts for the Adventure Pack box!